Pelican Bootstrap 3 Theme Updated!

Daan Debie / December 26, 2013

2 min read

It’s late night at the end of a nice Christmas day and I’ve just finished giving my Pelican Bootstrap 3 theme a nice update! In the past month the theme has been getting quite some attention, going by the number of stars (30) and forks (16) on GitHub. I realize that these are numbers the average open source project laugh at, but for me it’s my most popular contribution to the world so far.

It’s nice to see what stuff other people add to the theme, and it has left me with no shortage of possible fixes and enhancements. The only thing I’m kind of regretting here, is the lack of actual pull requests resulting from those additions by others. Isn’t that the whole idea of open source and GitHub? People fork my work, make it better and add back to the community? Does anyone have any tips on how to encourage that kind of behaviour?


  • Sidebar is now fully configurable
  • It’s now possible to add Recent Posts to the sidebar
  • All links are now absolute
  • The theme has gained a nice footer
  • Bootswatch themes have been updated
  • Some small refactorings of the theme files

As always: Get it from GitHub, use it, fork it and help me make it better!

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