About Me

Hi there! I‘m Daan Debie. I‘m a social firestarter and technology leader with a strong and long background in Software and Data Engineering. It is working with people and working on things that matter, that I love the most.

I found an amazing challenge at the exciting startup Source.ag where I currently work as VP of Engineering, helping to accelerate the global transition to sustainable agriculture with A.I. powered greenhouses.

I live in a small coastal town in The Netherlands with my lovely wife, our beautiful Maine Coon and our adorable and slightly energetic Golden Retriever pup. I really do love long walks on the beach. But I‘m also very happy staying indoors reading books, watching movies and tv-shows and playing games.


I followed a somewhat peculiar career path, getting a Bachelors degree in Music & Performance and working as a pianist, composer, arranger and band leader first, before changing focus and getting a Computer Engineering degree.

Since then, I have accumulated extensive experience developing complex systems and interesting products. I helped teams and organisations achieve technological excellence through a balance of cutting edge tech and pragmatism.

On top of my experience as a Software craftsman, I‘ve also developed an interest in data engineering & distributed computing, containerization (Docker, Kubernetes et al.) and programmable infrastructure.

My languages of choice are Scala, Python and Typescript and I‘m fluent in Java and Clojure as well. But I believe in using the right tool for the job and encourage my teams to keep exploring new languages and tools to bring their products to the next level.


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