Pelican Bootstrap 3 Theme Released

Daan Debie / August 29, 2013

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Now that Bootstrap 3 final has been released, I’ve updated the Pelican theme I built for this site accordingly. The theme was already on GitHub, but now that things have stabilized, I’m officially releasing version 1.0 of pelican-bootstrap3! Luckily for me, Bootswatch also updated their Bootstrap 3 compatible themes to the newest Bootstrap release. Thomas Park graciously allowed me to include his themes in my Pelican theme, so when using pelican-bootstrap3, you’re actually getting 12 themes in 1!


  • Updated Bootstrap 3 to new official release.
  • Updated Bootswatch themes to new versions compatible with newest Bootstrap 3 release.
  • Removed Superhero Bootswatch theme, as it isn’t supported anymore.
  • Renamed BOOTSWATCH_THEME variable to BOOTSTRAP_THEME to reflect the fact that you can use it for any Boostrap 3 compatible css-theme/style.
  • Fixed content scrolling over fixed navigation bar due to changed HTML structure in BS3.
  • Applied nice page-header effect to Article headers.
  • Made “Tags” sub-header in sidebar a clickable link.

If anyone has any feature requests, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or create an issue on GitHub!

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