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Daan Debie / August 17, 2013

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After a brutal attack on my VPS left the previous iteration of this website in shambles, I decided to make things easier and more fun for the next version. Instead of using an monolithic and oudated CMS built with an ancient version of a framework in a language I’ve grown to dislike a lot (just like some other folks), I’ve decided to take the lean-and-mean route to heavenly bliss. So as of now, this blog is built with Pelican, a static site/blog generator written in Python. This also fits nicely with my recent love for Python. Because it’s just static html being served by NGinx, it’s rediculously fast!

Other people have written about their Pelican experiences already, so I’ll leave it to them to explain how truly cool and easy this way of blogging really is. I do want to mention though, that being able to write my blog-posts and pages in my favorite Markdown editor and managing the whole blog through GitHub for versioning, is perry darn awesome!

What I also want to share, is the Pelican-theme I developed for this blog. Twitter’s Bootstrap just got a major update to version 3, so I thought I’d base my theme on that. Nothing like a Bootstrap 3 theme existed yet for Pelican, so I looked at some existing themes and hacked something new together. The result makes use of Bootswatch to offset my horribly lacking design skills. Of course, being a good boyscout means open sourcing just about everything you build, so that’s what I did.

You can also find the source code of the blog itself on GitHub. If you have any suggestions/improvements, either create an Issue on GitHub or clone, modify and make a pull request. Suggestions are welcome! Wrapping up this glorious rebirth post, I’m gonna promise yet again that I’ll do my very very best to keep this blog up-to-date. Just don’t expect too much

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